Pre-recorded Webinars: Personal Finances

10 Investments I Love and Why

I discuss 10 investments that will help you to diversify your portfolio, beat inflation, give you global exposure, save on tax and make a bigger impact.

Online Short Courses: Personal Finances

Effective Budgeting

This course will teach you how to compile a budget and manage your budget effectively. An effective budget will help you to set a strong financial foundation.

Master Investments

Master Investments 101

This course will teach you all you need to know to start and grow your investment journey. Master investment terminology, learn about the main investment types and the key considerations you should take into account before making any investments. Master the principles that good investors know and apply.

E-mail Online Program: Personal Finances

28 Days to Financial Fitness

The program has been designed to provide you with 28 daily e-mails containing valuable financial content and tools to help you improve your financial fitness and start your journey towards building wealth.

Online Short Courses: Business Finances

Create a Financially Stable Business

This 3-in-1 online course suite will help you to build a financially stable business that is cash-generating and pandemic-proof.

Financially Stable Business

From Surviving to a Financially Stable Business

This course will help you to create financial stability in your business. You will learn the 4 principles to fortify your business, how to ensure your sales are profitable and how to increase the value of your business. 

Cash generating machine

Transform Your Business Into a Cash-generating Machine

This course will help you improve your cash flow and implement effective cash flow strategies. Discussing invoicing; how to get cash in quicker and why you want to extend your cash outflows.

Cash Flow Positive

Keep Your Business Cash Flow Positive

This course will teach you how to effectively measure and monitor your cash and cash flows. We are demystifying the complicated cash flow statement and sharing an easy-to-use tool to monitor your cash on an ongoing basis.  

Disclaimer: FinanciallyFiT Group focuses on financial education. We are not a financial services provider and do not provide financial advice. We provide you with the financial knowledge to make empowered and informed decisions, but we can not be held liable for any financial decisions you make or any financial losses you incur. It is always best to contact your financial institution or financial advisor to advice you on the best investment options suitable for your specific needs.