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Creating Financially Stable Business

Welcome to the ‘Create a Financially Stable Business’ online course. The objective of this course is to help you implement sound financial principles to create financial stability and security. Also to help you improve your cash flow position by implementing effective cash flow management strategies and monitorring your cash flow on an ongoing basis.

This course suite comprises of 3 courses (referred to as lessons):

– From just surviving to a financially stable business

– Transform your business into a cash-generating machine

– Keep your business cash flow positive

Before you start with a course / lesson please download the relevant workbook and guides / templates. This will help you to practically apply and implement what you have learned. With regards to the principles and strategies that you already have in place – review yours and identify any areas where you can make improvements.

Each course / lesson comprises of 5-6 modules (referred to as topics) with educational videos. After watching the video for each topic, indicate the topic as ‘mark complete’ on the button at the bottom to progress to the next topic. Once you have completed all the topics, also indicate the course / lesson as ‘mark complete’ to progress to the next course / lesson. Once all courses / lessons and topics have been completed you will be able to download your certificate of completion. 

Good luck with the course and enjoy it. 

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