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We provide training through online courses, webinars and workshops.

The FinanciallyFiTLife Academy provides various financial and business courses.

Not only is it a place where you can empower yourself with financial knowledge to help you create the lifestyle you deserve, but also equip yourself with the business knowledge and know-how to start and grow a successful business or to take an established business to the next level.

Ronel Jooste Start-up
Ronel Jooste Start-up
Online Financial Courses

Personal Finance 

Equip yourself with the financial knowledge to improve your financial fitness and create wealth. Enrol for an online course that you can do in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you.

Business Finance

We provide you as business owner and  management team with the knowledge to manage your business finances more effectively and the know-how to optimally use your financial results to make powerful and informed decisions. Create a financially stable business that is cash-proof and pandemic-proof. Improve your profitability to become a thriving business.


Business Course for Start-ups

This course provides you with an A-Z guide to start and grow a successful and sustaiable business. At the end of the course you will have completed a business plan customized for your business.


Other Business and Financial Services we offer

Business Finances

Business Consulting

✓Business and financial consulting
✓For start-up and established businesse

Personal Finances

Personal Finances

✓Financial coaching and training
✓Financially Fit and Wealthy book
Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness

✓Workshops and group coaching
✓Talks at wellness days
Financial Training

Business Plans

✓For start-up and established businesses
✓For operational planning, proposals, funding and investors

Accounting and Tax

Financial Health Analysis

✓For SMME’s
✓Review, recommendation and implementation
Free Tools FinanciallyFitLife

Free Tools

✓Guides and e-books
✓Educational videos on YouTube


What Clients are Saying

“For the first time I had a proper budget in place when my tax specialist asked. I learned a lot from prioritization of expenses and other tips to manage my finances. The Effective Budgeting course helped me get a better process in place and focus on managing my budget as an active tool instead of an expense list. I completed the course and customised my personal budget a week before provisional tax returns were due and when my tax specialist phoned, to his huge surprise, I could immediately e-mail my budget, while on the phone. I’m tackling my business budget next . I enjoyed that the course has multiple shorter modules. It was easy to listen to and remember the topics in each module.”

Paul Hasset

“This course was amazingly insightful. I have been applying some form of “budgeting” all my life as someone who went to boarding school. But my perception of what a budget is was Ill-informed or should I say limited! I had always thought savings were done after the expenses as in what was left over. Now I know that I need to take a portion of savings first in my budget. The classification of the budget categories was something that will definitely prove helpful as I now start to do my budget the right way. I have already identified potential saving opportunities.

I now have an effective tool to plan and save for my future financially, and this course couldn’t have come at a better moment. I will also pass on the information to my teenage daughters. As they say, start them early. Thank you so much!”

Chituwe Membe

“I have had the privilege to attend Ronel’s workshops twice thus far and I have attended many other workshops on financial advice. I can honestly say Ronel gives one so much more. She explains this so differently that one can actually understand finances even if you never did accounting before. Her workshops are so in depth and she gives one so much in depth insight and information into the finance world that it does not look or seems as daunting as one thinks. If you have not attended one of her workshops, I would not waste time – do it now as you don’t know what you are missing out on.”

Michael Da Silva

“A must for every business owner. In our ever-changing and evolving world, growth needs to be our daily commitment. After working for 4 decades in the financial corporate sector, this course has awakened me to take control of my own financial ‘steering wheel’. This course has made me review and re-evaluate not only my business but also my personal financial status. My financial transformation journey is now well on track.  Looking forward to living a ‘financially fit life’. This is a life-changing experience!”

Isabel Cadilhe

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