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The FinanciallyFiTLife Academy provides various financial and business courses.

Empower yourself with financial knowledge to help you create the lifestyle you deserve.

Equip yourself with the business knowledge and know-how to start and grow a successful business or to take an established business to the next level.

We provide training through online courses, webinars and workshops.

Ronel Jooste Online Courses

Personal Finances

Equip yourself with the financial knowledge to improve your financial fitness and create wealth. Enrol for an online course that you can do in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you.

Business Finances

We provide you as business owner and  management team with the knowledge to manage your business finances more effectively and the know-how to optimally use your financial results to make powerful and informed decisions. Create a financially stable business that is cash-proof and pandemic-proof. Improve your profitability to become a thriving business. 

Ronel Jooste Start-up

Business Course for Start-ups

This course provides you with an A-Z guide to start and grow a successful and sustaiable business. At the end of the course you will have completed a business plan customised for your business.

Other Business and Financial Services we Offer

Business Finances

Business Consulting

  • Business and financial consulting
  • For start-up and established businesses
Personal Finances

Personal Finances

  • Financial coaching and training
  • Financially Fit and Wealthy book
Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness

  • Workshops and group coaching
  • Talks at wellness days
Financial Training

Business Plans

  • For start-up and established businesses
  • For operational planning, proposals, funding and investors
Accounting and Tax

Financial Health Analysis

  • For SMME’s
  • Review, recommendation and implementation
Free Tools FinanciallyFitLife

Free Tools

  • Guides and e-books
  • Educational videos on YouTube

What Clients are Saying

“My financial situation changed completely”

“I was deeply in debt and didn’t know how to manage my finances properly. This course taught me how to apply good financial principles and manage my finances better. Six months later, I was debt-free and started my investments journey. I am so excited!

Mirriam Matuba

“Now I have the knowledge to invest with confidence”

 “The master investments course taught me all the basics about investments – the terms, the concepts, the different investment options, what to look out for, the advantages and disadvantages. I have confidence to invest now.

Ria Badenhorst

“Finances made easy for the man on the street”

“The presenter has the wonderful ability to explain difficult financial concepts and terms in a way that everybody can understand it. I no longer fear finances.

Dino Smith

“The more I can learn about finances, the better”

“I earn a good salary but I didn’t know how to manage my finances effectively. The courses helped me to gain a deeper understanding of finances. Applying what I have learned doing the course helped me to improve my financial situation and started to build wealth. I can recommend these courses to anybody.”

Tshepo Kekana

Disclaimer: FinanciallyFiT Group focuses on financial education. We are not a financial services provider and do not provide financial advice. We provide you with the financial knowledge to make empowered and informed decisions, but we can not be held liable for any financial decisions you make or any financial losses you incur. It is always best to contact your financial institution or financial advisor to advice you on the best investment options suitable for your specific needs.

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