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Effective Budgeting


Personal Finances Online Course: Effective Budgeting

The Effective Budgeting course will teach you everything you need to know to apply EFFECTIVE BUDGETING techniques in your personal life. An effective budget provides you with a strong foundation and you can build any other financial goal on top of it, whether it is to create financial stability; to become debt-free; to create wealth for yourself and your family; to retire comfortably one day or to be able to afford that dream car and overseas holiday.

The course comprises of 7 modules. Each module contains a short 3 – 12 minutes educational video explaining all the important things you need to know and implement when compiling your own personal budget. There are examples of a budget and how to manage it effectively. A workbook with a few practical exercises to help you compile your personal budget as well as a budgeting template are included.


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