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The Wealthy Woman Virtual Workshop

Ronel Jooste Wealthy Woman

Saturday 8 August 2020 13:00-16:00

The Wealthy Woman Virtual Workshop is for women who aspire to live 

a wealthy, healthy and happy lifestyle.  

"As a woman climbing the corporate ladder in a male dominated industry, I struggled to find that illusive work-life balance. Although I was doing exceptionally well financially, I haven't prioritized my health and happiness. After a health scare, I started to question whether I was really happy. The honest answer was 'No'! I learned a valuable lesson - as women we work so hard at certain aspects of our lives, that we tend to neglect other aspects. In 2015 I left the corporate world to pursue my entrepreneurial journey and ever since I do what I love - helping businesses and individuals to thrive financially. I strive on a daily basis to maintain that balance in my life - my health, happiness and wealth are equally important". 

The definition of wealth refers to "a plentiful supply of a particular desirable thing" and that includes much more than only money or possessions. However women can be financially independent and creating wealth too. There is no reason why women cannot be smart investors and creating a secure financial future for themselves and their families. Women should stop wasting time and money on self-doubt, low self-esteem, buying things you don’t need, under-valuing yourself and stressing about finances.

Start investing in you – your health, your happiness, your dreams and your wealth. 

Yes you absolutely CAN have it all and you deserve it!

Ronel Jooste Wealthy Woman

About The Presenter Ronel Jooste

Ronel Jooste is a Chartered Accountant who has spent more than a decade in a senior position in the corporate financial world. In 2015 she decided to follow her heart and pursue her entrepreneurial journey. She started the FinanciallyFit Group specializing in financial consulting and training. Together with her sister, they also started PhysEQFiT Guesthouse – 100% female owned and managed. Ronel built both businesses from scratch into successful businesses in less than 3 years and in the process won multiple awards. Today she lives her dream helping multiple businesses and individuals to thrive financially. Ronel is a firm believer that you can make your dreams your reality and that you absolutely CAN have it all!  

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