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10 Investments I Love and Why

Pre-recorded Webinar: Get Instant Access. Watch in Your Own Time.

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10 Investments I Love and Why

Pre-recorded Webinar: Get Instant Access. Watch in Your Own Time.

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“Investments helped me to travel to more than 30 countries. It helped me to buy my cars in cash. It helped me to buy a guesthouse at the age of 36. It helps me to buy assets that generate passive income to ultimately create wealth.”

Ronel Jooste

2-hour pre-recorded Webinar

Learn investment tips and tricks for R297

In this 2-hour pre-recorded online webinar I will share the tips and tricks that I learned over the years from personal experiences and doing ongoing research. I will discuss the 10 investments I really love and why – the pros and cons, the purpose, the risks and returns.

Ronel Jooste Master Investments

about the online webinare

What you’ll learn: 

 Which investments work well for which goals.

✓ Understand risk, how to mitigate risk and build a portfolio with low, medium, and high-risk investments.

✓ Understand the real return on your investment and generating maximum returns.

✓ Identify investments offering tax savings, beating inflation, offering global exposure and making a bigger impact.

✓ Traditional investments versus alternative investments.

✓ How to build a well-diversified investment portfolio.

✓ What you need to know before making investment decisions.

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Get this pre-recorded webinar for R297

Start your investment journey TODAY with this 2-hour pre-recorded webinar. 

who should enroll

This webinar is for you if:

 You want to start investing or expand your investments but don’t know what to look for.

✓ You want to diversify but don’t know how to.

✓ You want to reach a stage where you have financial security and no longer just surviving.

✓ You want to create wealth so that you can spend your money and time the way you want to.


What people are Saying

“I’ve attended Ronel’s webinars previously. Very insightful and most definitely providing information to survive financially and create a bright financial future!

Ilze van Heerden

“It was truly very informative and empowering Ronel. Thank you for sharing this valuable information.”

Santie Korf 

It was fantastic! Thank you.

Nadia Veldman Venter

“Thank you so much Ronel. I learn so much from every session you present. You are truly passionate about your subject!”

Henda Oosthuizen

“As usual Ronel went above and beyond with her information share. Thank you, we always get great value from your sessions.” 

Gail Hutchings

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