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28 Days to Financial Fitness

Kickstart Your Financial Fitness In 28 Days!
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28 Days to Financial Fitness

Kickstart Your Financial Fitness In 28 Days!
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Create a better financial future

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Your journey to achieve financial success in life starts here…

Financial Security

Create a secure financial future.

Effective Decision Making

Improve your knowledge about finances to make more effective financial decisions.
Effective Budgeting

Take a minute to think about your finances…

Answer these few questions:

 Would you love to start a journey to achieve financial fitness and success in life?

✓ Do you wish you could afford a better lifestyle for you and your family?

✓ Do you experience financial stress in your life?

✓ Is money keeping you from achieving your dreams and goals in life?

✓ Do you feel you don’t earn enough money to save and invest?

✓ Is your debt stressing you out?

✓ Do you often feel your money has disappeared and you don’t know what you spent it on?

✓  Would you love to have excess money at the end of the month?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the 28 Days to Financial Fitness program is ideal for you.

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The 28-day e-mail program

Main topics we’ll cover:

 The importance of financial fitness in your life

✓ Set and achieve smart financial goals

✓ How to become financially fit and wealthy

✓ Budgeting and debt management

✓ Retirement planning

✓ Protecting your wealth

✓ Moving from financially fit to financially free


What you’ll receive

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28 daily e-mails containing valuable financial content to help you improve your financial fitness and start your journey towards building wealth
A FREE workbook to help you reflect, plan and start taking action to improve your financial fitness
A FREE Financial Goalsetting Workbook
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Finances made easy and fun. No complicated jargon.

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