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The Effective Budgeting course will teach you everything you need to know to apply EFFECTIVE BUDGETING techniques in your personal life. An effective budget provides you with a strong foundation and you can build any other financial goal on top of it, whether it is to create financial stability; to become debt-free; to create wealth for yourself and your family; to retire comfortably one day or to be able to afford that dream car and overseas holiday.

The course comprises of 7 modules. Each module contains a short 3 – 12 minutes educational video explaining all the important things you need to know and implement when compiling your own personal budget. There are examples of  budgets and you will do a few exercises to help you to compile your own budget.

As a BONUS there is a module about Expense Management to help you manage your expenses more effectively and to
identify potential savings. As an additional BONUS you will also get a downloadable workbook with all the important notes from the course for you to keep referring back to on your journey towards financial fitness as well as a ‘Budget Template’ that you can use for your personal budgeting purposes.

Please list your questions as you progress through the course. If your questions are still not answered at the end of the course, you are more than welcome to e-mail me your questions: ronel@financiallyfitlife.co.za

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